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Worship With Us

Sunday Service

This is your Prayer Service description. Use this space to provide more details such as where it’s held, when it begins and ends, and who it’s geared towards. Give your visitors all the information they need to come and join your congregation.

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Sacraments: Holy Communion

All baptized Christians are welcome to God's Table of Grace.

All the baptized may commune in the OCLP with no age restriction. Those who commune in their home parishes are welcome to commune; those not yet communing of any age and for any reason may come forward to receive a verbal blessing. Indicate this by crossing your arms over your chest. Baptized children may begin communing after parents have consulted with Pastor. The Lutheran Church believes, teaches and confesses that in, with and through the elements of bread and wine, Our Lord gives us His true body and blood for the forgiveness of our sin and the salvation of our lives. Anyone who has a legitimate impediment to receiving either element of the meal may receive in one kind only (bread or wine) and trust the Lord's grace that they are receiving full communion. Members, please fill out a “Voice From the Pew” folder to record your communion at least once a year. This is a constitutional requirement to determine our "Active" Voting membership roster.  Thank You.


In the OCLP We Practice The "Reserved Sacrament".

When laity “preside” at Holy Communion, they will use elements (bread and wine) previously consecrated by Pr. Paul at a prior worship service. Reserved elements are kept in an ambry for subsequent use in worship and distribution to the sick and shut-ins.

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